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    OR operator in set analysis

    Dave Melillo

      I have created  the following set analysis to try and count the number of qualified leads based on three fields:

      - Lead Score

      - Pardot Score

      - Lead Stage


      count({< [Lead Stage] = {'MQL'}>}distinct([Lead ID])) + count({< [Lead Score] = {">=100"}>}distinct([Lead ID])) + count({< [Pardot Score] = {">=100"}>}distinct([Lead ID]))


      Not all of the fields are in sync, so I want to count all of the qualified leads WITHOUT double counting (i.e a lead has a score > 100 and a lead stage = MQL). In SQL it would be something like, WHERE [Lead Stage] = 'MQL' OR [Lead Score] >= 100 OR [Pardot Score] >= 100 ... But the union in set analysis is definitely double counting records.


      Any help is appreciated.


      Thank you,


      - dave