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    Set analysis and charts problem


      This is possibly quite basic but what am I missing here? I have an order table that is read to my qv-module. I have two diffrent Ordernumbers, lets call them O1 and O2. O1 is in the order table but O2 is in another table that is keyed to the order table with an unique key.

      So for example if O1 is 123456 it has a representation in O2 of 242424, but! 242424 is also in O1 (these are just arbetrary numbers)

      What I want to do in my chart is to get O1 and the representating O2 and then the =sum(Value) for the number of O2 in the O1. To illustrate somewhat:

      O1 -- O2 -- Value
      123456 -- 242424 -- 1000 (this being the Value of O1=242424)
      555555 -- 777777 -- 2000 (this being the Value of O1=777777)

      The problem I have is that I can't get the correct values in "Value". I've tried using set analysis with various syntaxes:

      =sum({<O1= {$(=O2)}>} Qty*ItemValue)

      But I always get '0' in this field

      Anyone have any ideas why this is and what I'm doing wrong here?