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    General Error Select from Cube

    Jon Foote

      I have a client that has been running a connection to a Dynamics AX Cube. It has been working fine up until now, suddenly over night it has stopped working.


      It seems to be connecting to the cube ok through an OLEBDB connection, but it fails with a 'General Error' once it gets to the Select statement.


      We have simplified the script to look like this.


      LIB CONNECT TO 'Dynamics Ax - Cubes';



        "[Measures].[Ending amount]" as [Ending amount];


        [Measures].[Ending amount]


      FROM [Inventory value cube]



      Does anyone have any idea why it has suddenly stopped working.


      P.S we are using the MDX generator to create the script and it is connecting and load the data fine.


      Thanks in advance for any help.