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    Features unavailable in Qlik Cloud Business


      We have some good experiences with Qlik Cloud Business, but some features that are not available to the members blocks the effective utilisation and expand our instalation.

      Why members cannot use these features?

      1) Bookmarks: The user can filtering, searching, but why they cannot record the Bookmarks. Every time they must repeat the same filters. It is important to record bookmarks.

      2) Qlik Sense Charts: Graphs (i.e. Bar Chart, Pie, Line) can be shared (using Qlik Charts), but Tables not.

      3) Exporting data: The users can´t export to PNG, JPG or flat files, like CVS and Excel.


      We expect that you provide these features soon.


      Best regards,

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          Michael Tarallo

          Hi Leandro,


          I have informed our team - kha and shl


          I believe there are certain security concerns around some of these, and/or specific user property settings and management that are linked to these individual features that have not yet been implemented.


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          Mike Tarallo


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            Sarah Kohler

            Hi Scott,


            Thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback and perspective.  To give you a little background and context - here is why the offering behaves the way it does CURRENTLY (which is not to say that it will remain this way):


            1) Bookmarks: we launched the product with a view-only behavior for viewers, as a first step.  This is why bookmarks don't persist, but does not mean we will keep it this way.


            2) Exporting data: we have started our journey with public Cloud services by taking a very conservative perspective on what functionality we enable that allows data to be extracted or shared, outside of use of the Services directly.  Thus, we have disabled Export to excel/.pdf/etc.   That said, it has been highly requested so we are looking at what approach we wish to take to accommodate this interest.  More to come....


            3) Qlik Sense Charts: In fact, I was not aware that Charts cannot be created from Tables.  Thank you for raising this.  I will look further into why this is the case.