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    how create a security rule to edit a specific stream (script and app objects)?

    Joaquin Olguin

      Hi guys,


      I need create a security rule to edit just two streams (Script edit, and app objects (sheets) edit). What resource filter need associate?, what action need select?.


      In this moment i had 3 stream, Gestion (for all users), "Gestion Dev" and "ETL Dev" (for one user = user1). The idea is that the user1 can enter to the apps on the stream "Gestion dev" and "ETL Dev" and edit the script and sheets without duplicating the sheets.


      I tried with the content admin security rule and it works, but user1 has permission on the Gestion stream.


      Also i tried edit the security rule of Content Admin with the condition "((user.userId="User1") and (resource.stream.name="Gestion Dev" or resource.stream.name="ETL Dev"))" but not work, i can edit the sheets without duplicating, but i cant edit the script of the app.


      Regards, thanks.

        • Re: how create a security rule to edit a specific stream (script and app objects)?
          Stephen Egerton

          Once an app is published to a stream, you can not edit the script. What you might want to do is create custom roles and custom rules that allow users with those roles to publish only to certain streams.


          I also try to never edit the seeded rules. I just disable them. I chose to create developer roles using custom properties at first and then moved on to AD groups.


          Example rule below. This rule allows our developer admins to publish to any stream with a name that begins with UAT.


          Rule Name: PublishStreamUAT


          Resource Filter: Stream_*


          Action: Publish, Update


          Condition ((resource.name like "UAT*") and (user.group="QlikView Administrators")


          Context: QMC