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    How to Use a Measure Result As Dimension?

    Feras Alsuhaibani

      Hello Everyone!


      I was wondering if I can use a measure result condition as a Dimension (i.e. assuming I have measure X which is the avg time, I'd like to have a dimension like the following: X < 20, X=20 , X>20)



      Your help is really appreciated!

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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          A measure is calculated over dimension values. If used without dimensions then a measure returns only one value.

          So if you want to use a measure as a dimension you probably want to use the measure values calculated for each of the dimension values of a dimension. So you need to use the aggr function to build a virtual table with the list of measures per dimension value.


          Something like this:


               If( avg(Time) < 20, 'X<20',

                    If( avg(Time)=20,'X=20','X>20'))

               DimensionA, DimensionB, ...etc )