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    Set-Cookie response-HTTP header ignored: Qliksense mashup external webapp

    Alex Bjølig

      I am trying to build a web-app on an external webserver, with qliksense embedded.


      My problem is that when the client ask for a resource behind the virtual proxy like this:

      http://<server>/<proxy prefix>/resources/img/core/dark_noise_16x16.png?qlikTicket=<qlikTicket>

      the server responds with a http response header "Set-Cookie", but Chrome on localhost:3000 does not set the cookie.

      Why is that - I got it working earlier with the central proxy.

      I tried with the following settings on the virtual-proxy:

      Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *

      Access-Control-Expose-Headers: Set-Cookie, Content-Disposition


      Any ideas are very welcome.