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    How do I add more detailed data for a specific transaction?



      I'm new to QlikView and have a quick question. I'm putting together a personal profit/loss application from my bankaccounts and have all the data in Excel docs provided by my banks. I want to be able to see what my expenses are and categorize these.

      I have the following structure:

      TransactionDate Transaction Amount Balance Account

      In my excel sheet for my billing account I would have a Transaction stating that I paid my MasterCard bill.


      10-02-10 MasterCard -2000 14000 Billing

      Now in my excel sheet for my masterCard I have more details about this transaction (Since it's a credit card I don't have Balance)

      10-01-10 Gas 500

      10-01-10 Groceries 1500


      Is there a way in QlikView to get this detailed data in an associative way or do I have to copy paste in my excel sheets to get it to work?

        • How do I add more detailed data for a specific transaction?
          Johannes Sunden

          Unless you have some kind of relation between the transaction and the transaction details I think it'll be tricky to connect it in QlikView. Since the transaction date is not matching you don't really have a lot to go on unless there's some kind of ID# or similar. Might be possible to create some kind of link programatically depending on what the Excel files look like but not really based on the information provided as far as I can tell.