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      hello all.

      im new in QV please help.

      i have 2 table.



      load * inline [

      id, pack_weight, type

      01, 0.2, express

      02, 0.9, normal

      03, 1.2, normal




      load * inline [

      type, weight, cost

      normal, 05, 5

      normal, 1, 10

      normal, 1.5, 15


      express, 1, 15

      express, 2, 30

      express, 3, 35




      then i used intervalmatch to match weights.



      load * inline [








      intervalmatch(pack_weight) load start,end resident match;

      left join(temp) load * resident match;

      drop table match;

      left join(table1) load * resident temp;

      drop table temp;


      as u can see express weight start from 1kg. so its give me null under 0.5kg pack_weights.

      what should i do? help please.

      ps: i dont want to change or edit table2's values.


          • intervalmatch?
            Luis Laura


            I'm not understandind your case, please see image attached

            Null ok, do you must to use values for Cost or option check for omitted rows

            Good luck, Luis

              • intervalmatch?

                Hello Luis

                intervalmatch matchin table1 and temp tables.

                so table1 is like:

                id, type, pack_weight, weight, start, end

                01, express, 0.2, 0.5, 0.1, 0.5

                02, normal, 0.9, 1, 0.6, 1


                but in table2 there isn't 0.5kg in express type that's why its showing null.

                i need to match express type begins 1kg from temp table.

                Also there is some null inserted end of table after i used intervalmatch. And i want to use straight chart and sum(cost) but end of chart there is null and its add some costs.

                Sorry for my bad explain and English.


            • intervalmatch?

              Table 2 & Temp both have a field named Weight. Because of this, when it does a join, it will match on that field name and only do the exact matches. This wilI lose the functionality of using an IntervalMatch. I would change the name in the Temp table to something like Category_Weight. It should resolve this.



                • intervalmatch?

                  Thank you Aline,

                  Well i lost few nulls. But its not solve my problem fully. anyway thanks again.

                    • intervalmatch?

                      I looked at this more closely. You are getting nulls because you are trying to do this with 2 dimensions Weight & Type. Notice that the nulls fall where there is not a definition for the combination of weight & type (ie: 0.2 falls into .5, but Express does not have anything defined for that). I would change your IntervalMatch statement to and Extended match.



                        • intervalmatch?

                          Hi Aline.

                          Thanks for your time. Problem is solved.


                          load * inline [
                          id, type, weight
                          1047, normal, 0.4
                          2025, express, 0.3
                          1082, normal, 1.8
                          2093, express, 2.1

                          load * inline [
                          start, end, weight_sort, type
                          0.1, 0.5, 0.5, express
                          0.6, 1, 1, express
                          1.1, 1.5, 1.5, express
                          1.6, 5, 5, express

                          load * inline [
                          start, end, weight_sort, type
                          0.1, 1, 1, normal
                          1.1, 2, 2, normal
                          2.1, 3, 3, normal
                          3.1, 4, 4, normal

                          FactsWithWeights: // This table will be the final one.
                          INTERVALMATCH (weight, type) LOAD
                          RESIDENT weight_for_express;
                          LEFT JOIN LOAD *
                          RESIDENT fact;

                          DROP TABLE fact;
                          DROP TABLE weight_for_express;

                          Thanks to Miguel.