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    Create SAP Product Hierarchy (via SAP Connector latest version)

    Atsushi Saijo

      Hi Gurus, I would like to enquire if anyone has attempted to create Product Hierarchy table as dimention?

      *I am using SAP Connector, latest version (as of now).


      It is known that SAP's MVKE | T179 tables can be used to create hierarchy. An ABAP programmer uses  bapi_material_get_producthier.

      But would we able to create the pre-processing table using HIERARHY() using SAP's base tables only?


      [In my SAP environment]

      *Under current project, this statement appears works, but I would like to have your opinion.

      **It seems it is not possible to obtain unsorted tuples of T179. It somehow is extracted sorted by T179~STUFE.


      NoConcatenate pBase_0:  SQL SELECT PRODH STUFE from T179;

      NoConcatenate pBase_1: LOAD RowNo() as Index,* resident pBase_0 order by PRODH, STUFE;

      drop table pBase_0;

      Left Join(pBase_1)  SQL Select PRODH VTEXT from T179T;


      NoConcatenate ProductHierarchy:

        Load *,

             If(Level=Peek(Level), Peek(Parent), previous(PartNo) ) as Parent


        LOAD  Index, PRODH as PartNo, STUFE as Level, VTEXT as Description resident pBase_1

        order by Index


      drop table pBase_1;


      *T179 appears like BOM (Bill of Material). Would MVKE merely a link between Product Hierarhy (PRODH) and Material Number (MATNR)?


      *pre-processing table: HIC has posted QlikView Design Blog: 'Authorization using a Hierarchy'. This method can be used to port to fact table directly from this hiearchy dimention (i.e. it first load with hierarchy, then load HierarchyBelongsTo, then final creation of dimention table using hierarchy again).


      I should highly appreciate for your feedback in advance.

        • Re: Create SAP Product Hierarchy (via SAP Connector latest version)
          Tobias Vogt

          Hello Atsushi,


          would be the Extractor connector an Option?

          Maybe these extractors might be an Option:




          There are some script parts provided by using the Extractor Connector supports you building the hierarchies.

          You might check the result of these in RSA3 if they are already available in the SAP System.

          Otherwise it might be actiavated via SBIW.