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    help in script syntax

    Ali Hijazi


      I'm working on Qlik Sense project

      I'm reading the names of the tables and looping through them to read and store data as qvd

      my script is as follows and it works correctly in QlikView:


          load *;

          sql select

         table_name as name

              from information_schema.tables

              where table_schema = 'lmms'

      and lower(table_name) in






















         now read data and store each table as QVD file


      for i=0 to NoOfRows('temp_tables')-1
      let vTableName = Peek('name',$(i),'temp_tables');
      if left('$(vTableName)',1) = '@' then
      let vTableName = '"' & '$(vTableName)' & '"';
      let vQlikTableName = replace(Replace('$(vTableName)','"',''),'@','');
      load *;
      sql select * from $(vTableName);
      store $(vQlikTableName) into lib://QVDS/$(vQlikTableName).qvd;
      drop table $(vQlikTableName);



      tables are stored as such


      how to evaluate vQlikTableName?

      Please advise