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    Where not Exists blowing my mind

    Evgeny Stuchalkin

      Hello! I have this code:


      LOAD *;

      SQL SELECT *

      FROM amo.companies

      WHERE i_lastModified>=$(vLastUpdate) and i_lastModified<$(vNow)


      Concatenate LOAD *

      FROM [Lib://QVD (win-lng2sl4osbd_qlik.acc)/companies.qvd]

      Where not Exists(i_companyID);


      Inner Join SQL SELECT i_companyID FROM amo.companies;


      If ScriptErrorCount = 0 then

      store companies into [Lib://QVD (win-lng2sl4osbd_qlik.acc)/companies.qvd] (qvd);

      Let vLastUpdate = $(vNow);

      End If


      Problem in the red zone: when i'm trying to load this code, i have namless error:




      if Where Not Exist condition removed, all works fine. i_companyID - field in QVD file. It exists, correctl named, and have data in it. Whata wrong?