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    How to configure a generic URL for a Multinode Qlik Sense Site

    Abhay Sudhakaran

      Hi There,


      I would like to configure a generic hostname for a multinode qlik sense site that consists of 1 central node and 3 RIM nodes. Is there a way to have 1 common url, let say "https://qlik-internal-reports.com" point to a proxy which internally redirects the traffic to the under lying nodes, based on load balancing.


      Currently, each node (Hub or QMC) can only be accessed using specific hostname urls. For example:


      Central Node - https://qlikserver01.com

      RIM Node1 - https://qlikserver02.com

      RIM Node2 - https://qlikserver03.com

      RIM Node3 - https://qlikserver04.com


      What I want is to be able to access the qlik infrastructure using a common hostname, so that even if one of the nodes is down, the end user will not be impacted.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.