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    On the fly IntervalMatch (kind of)???

    Bernardo Diogo

      Hi everyone,


      Need to build an expression that do something similar to a IntervalMatch, but on the front-end.

      In other words, from a table like the one below:


      Grade | Rate

          0    |  1

        4,5   |  2

        4,6   |  3

        4,7   |  4


      So, if our grade is above 0 and less than 4,5 the rate is 1, if is above 4,5 and less than 4,6 the rate is 2, etc.


      The grade metric depends on the selections, so it can not be calculated in advance.

      At this point I can only assign it to the total value of the aggregation (the value of total row of the table). On the attachment you have a dummy data set to walk you through the problem.


      Thanks in advance,