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    Set Analysis with Variables

    Samuel Lin

      Hello all,


      I have a table for transaction in Qlik with the following fields (simplified):


      [Order Date]



      here are the variables in load script:

      SET minDate_1 = date(min([order date])-1);

      SET l90d=date(min([order date])-90);

      SET l180d=date(min([order date])-180);

      Set l270d=date(min([order date])-270);

      Set l365d=date(min([order date])-365);


      I have a straight table with just one dimension: monthName([Order Date]),

      and I am trying to measure, for example the # of customers, who have ordered within 90 days, within 180 days...

      for example:

      Jan 2016

      Feb 2016

      Mar 2016

      I would like to know, for customers who purhcased in Jan 2016, how many had purchased 90 days before Jan 2016 (roughly Sep2015~Dec2015), and then 180days and so forth.

      Any ideas?