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    Can't open app from IE PLUGIN??

    Chris Hopkins

      Hi, i am hoping someone can help me.

      I am trying to open an app from the I.E Plugin but it fails. I get the following error:

      error loading image

      If i uninstall the QV Plugin and reinstall it, i get a 'File Corrupt' error, then everytime i try and open it after i get the above error.

      Other users can open the app without any problems which suggests its to do with my machine...

      I have tried uninstalled QV and the Plugin and reinstalling them both, Downloaded the QV OCX package but i still cant get the App to open. I can open other Apps without any problems.

      All apps are on the same server and accessed from the QV AccessPoint. and i am using QV 10 SR1.

      Does anyone have any ideas?