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    QlikSense Web Address Certificate Issue

    Joanne Handyside

      I’m having an issue with  Qlik Sense. This is installed and running on a site and users can log into a citrix desktop where they have a shortcut to access the server hub.

      If I use the address https://Qlik.local/hub or https://Qlik/hub on the server I can get in fine, but only the address https://Qlik/hub works from the terminal server, https://Qlik.local/hub gives an authentication error when it redirects to https://Qlik.local:4244.

      As the certificate is for Qlik.local they should be using this address (not to mention that if any clients want their Qlik externally available it will need a proper address).

      We are using a self signed certificate at the moment, but are using it like a trusted one. he Install account has it trusted on the citrix server so it no longer brings up an error.


      I could work round it by creating a new self signed certificate for the short name, but this will cause problems at other sites.


        We have added Qlik.local into the host white list on the virtual proxy but it has had no effect. Any ideas would be welcomed!