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    sum (or show field value) from the first day of the current month

    Eli Karp

      Hi all,


      I have data that is loaded in on the first of every month and I want to show that value or the sum of that day with set analysis. I've had some trouble with this heres what I've tried




      let vDateofData = Month(Today) & '/01/' Year(Today)  - Not sure if this is right I want it to show current month - then the first - then the current year so basically if it was june 5th 2015 I want it to show 06/01/2015.


      Then I want to sum that value (I Was having problems with get field value).


      I tried


      sum({<Date = {"=$(vDateofData)"} >} [Value]


      Not sure what the problem is. If anyone has suggestions or critiques they are welcomed.