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    Read all new XML files in a directory and load data in tables/qvds


      In a 'Pre Load' script/qvw:

      I will have XML extracts deposited into a directory on a server every few hours in order to track financials in a dashboard. I then want to loop through all of the files to grab any files that have been deposited since the last reload. These XML's will contain more information than is needed, so once I have all of the XMLs I want to load only specific data in to tables. Once I have the data, I will store it into QVDs.

      Main script/qvw:

      Run after the preload to pull all relevant data in from the QVDs to create the dashboard.

      I need help with figuring out logic to bring in these XML files and grab the data. The file structure should be consistent across all XML files that are being deposited. Example file name   'QVExtract-20170125165444420.xml'

      I am able to Load data properly by focusing on one specific file, but not sure how to loop to X number of files to Load my tables.