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    Qlik Scripts - from simple to intermediate, good to start Qlik study - are there other sources for free scripts?

      If you are new to Qlik (View/Sense) - but an experienced programmer - just start with scripts for the book: "Qlikview your business".


      See reference below.


      The scripts start from the simple to more advanced.

      The scripts to NOT require: 1) Any registration 2) Any licensing (for Qlik) 3) Any purchase of a (any) book


      This is a mighty generous of Wiley (publishing house) to put the scripts into common access!



      Wiley: QlikView Your Business: An Expert Guide to Business Discovery with QlikView and Qlik Sense - Oleg Troyansky, Tamm…




      A lot of techniques are shown in the scripts (mostly work with variables, preceeding load, joining, analytical flags, usage of the SET expressions, simple calendar example  etc).


      Alexei Akimov