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    Max function needed in LOAD SCRIPT

      I have sequentially numbered days. I'd like to assign the LATEST DAY number for which there is sales data to a variable for ease of use in expression writing instead of using max(if(len(saleperson>0),daynumber))

      Is this possible? Thank you in advance!

        • Max function needed in LOAD SCRIPT
          Peter Rieper

          With the PEEK-command you can retrieve a certain record out of a table. If your table is already sorted (either descending or ascending), you may straight use


          LET v = PEEK('YourDateNumber', 0, 'YourTableName'); // First record
          LET LET v = PEEK('YourDateNumber', -1, 'YourTableName'); // Last record

          If the dates in your table are not sorted you need to extract into a temporary table:


          temp: LOAD MAX(YourDateNumber) AS LastDate RESIDENT YourTableName;
          LET v = PEEK('YourDateNumber', 0, 'YourTableName');
          DROP TABLE temp:

          Please note the apostrophs in the PEEK-command.


          • AW:Max function needed in LOAD SCRIPT

            Hello henry,

            check out this script code:


            load * Inline [
            Id, Val, salesperson
            1, 10, a
            2, 20, a
            3, 30, b
            4, 40, c
            5, 50, b

            max(if(len(salesperson>0),Val)) as MaxVal
            Resident TT
            Group by salesperson;

            Regards, Roland