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    Filtering via AND + OR

    Bernhard Köhler


      I would like to ask you for the first time with a Qlik Sense question, which I can not solve currently.

      Database is a table from which I would like to select 2 fields in the visualization. The input of all filters must be optional.


      A simplified example of the data structure looks like this (all fields are of alphanumeric type):

      Field1          Field2        Field3

      Order No.   Test             Result

      Each order can have n methods with one result.

      My current app provides the following query options:

      Display data where:  (test1 with result1) AND (test2 with result2) AND ......... (test6 with result 6)

      (So I can query 6 different tests with 6 diffrent results)

      I solved this by a 6-times load of the identical table, whereby I renamed the fields in the loadskript.

      The app works - even if I do not like this 6-times-load of identical data.

      Now to my extension:

      In addition to the 12 (optional) AND filters (6 methods with their 6 results), I also want to add the possibility of 12 (optional) OR filters.


      (    (test1 with result1) AND (test2 with result2) AND .......     )    OR       ( (test7 with result7)  AND   (test8 with result8)  AND ....      )


      An experiment in the visualization using IF works to link two OR fields.

      If (WildMatch (GetFieldSelections (method1), '*' & result1 & '*') or WildMatch (GetFieldSelections (method2), '*' & result2 & '*'


      However, using this type of solution for 12 -UND + 12 OR-linkages is only theoretical, since this construct would no longer be overlooked.


      "Set Analysis" only works for aggregate functions. I don't beleave it's possible to use it.

      Interesting Link:

      I found this link:  http://www.qlikfix.com/2013/10/23/and-or-mode-selections-in-qlikview/

      Very interesting. But as a beginner i have my problems to understand :-)

      And i don't wont to imagine how complex the solution would be if the AND and OR  (at the same time !) is implemented. But of course it would be interesting if it would work.

      Does anyone have a solution approach?

      Thank you very much