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    SAP BAPI: processing array of input data possibility?

    Atsushi Saijo

      Hi Gurus, Is it possible to process an array of record set via BAPI? The BAPI is slow. It takes approx. 1 second per record (in case of Forex rate).


      Current loading code for BAPI (BAPI_EXCHANGERATE_GETDETAIL)  is printed as below. It would be very nice if I could process multiple values in "EUR" part, by inserting "EUR","JPY","USD" .... and so on. I have attempted, but resulted in error. It may be that it is because output table expects single record only. I should appreciate for your valuable input in advance.


      LOAD *;

      SQL {





          { "direction":"out", "name":"RETURN", "optional":false },

          { "direction":"out", "name":"RETURN", "optional":false },

          { "direction":"in", "length":8, "name":"DATE", "optional":false, "type":"DATE", "value":"$(i)" },

          { "direction":"in", "length":5, "name":"FROM_CURR", "optional":false, "type":"CHAR", "value":"GBP" },

          { "direction":"in", "length":4, "name":"RATE_TYPE", "optional":false, "type":"CHAR", "value":"$(vExcType)" },

          { "direction":"in", "length":5, "name":"TO_CURRNCY", "optional":false, "type":"CHAR", "value":"EUR" }