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    Dealing with linked tables



      I hope someone can help!

      I currently have a load script for the the various conversions in our department - some of this is pulling from excel while the large majority is pulling from our database. In order for the department to use the data it must be broken down into teams.

      Our database does not support team structure so I have built in a separate table, linked by 'user ID', to structure the data into CURRENT team set up. This allows all historical data to be filtered to the current team set up so users can be managed with their whole back catelog of data irrespective of historical team. This is fine.

      What I am struggling with is building, in addition, a HISTORICAL team set up so that each individual team's performance can be viewed at any point in time, populated with the users who were in that team at that time.

      I have the data, in excel, but cannot work out how to position this in the load script as it will link with the 'user ID' in the Conversions table as well as the 'date' in the Calendar, which is already linked to the conversions thus causing conflict. I am thinking that it should sit with the user details table that I have already created but I'm stuck for how.

      Any ideas?


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          Hello Rachel,

          not knowing your data model it isn't easy to answer. But a first guess is trying to "concatenate load" your hist. teams to your team-table. This will append your rows of the hist. team to the existing teams. It will work fine, if the source-fields are (almost) the same and the concatenate load statement follows dierctly after the load statement of the teams. Since you still have a link to the date field of your date-dimension try to use a second date-dim, let's call it teamdate. And teams having no teamdate are actual teams. Is this a valid option?

          Regards, Roland