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    num()? how to change this one?

      Hello all

      Need some help.

      CrossTable(number, cost)
      load f1 as 1
      f2 as 2
      f3 as 2
      from ***************************

      left join(type)
      load num(number) as numbers
      resident table1;

      this num() didn't work. Why?
      is that because of crosstable? What should i do?

        • num()? how to change this one?
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce


          My guess is that the original table has some values in fields f1, f2, f3, etc. that are not interpretable as numeric, for some reason. What you are doing in your crosstable load script is rename your field "f1" to "1" instead of actually assigning the value "1" to field "f1". Is that possible? Is that the expected behavior?

          Try for testing

          Table1Temp:LOAD Num(f1) AS f1FROM Table....

          As see if the values are formatted properly.

          Hope this helps.