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    Custom Colors in Qlik Sense

    William Britt

      I am creating a stacked bar chart and I need custom colors so that positive slices are positive colors and negative slices are more negative related colors. In the image below, Ideally Passed would be green and on the bottom, followed by failed in red, incomplete in yellow and blocked in a different color.

      Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 8.24.49 AM.png

      The Dimensions are projects and the Measures are the count of each of the statuses in "Latest Result".

      There are three other fields that are identical except for the filter value(i.e. 'Passed'). Here is the formula used to calculate the measure:


      Count({<[Latest Result]={'Passed'}>} [Latest Result])


      Here is how I am trying to implement custom colors using the color expression:

      Pick(Match([Latest Result],'Passed','Failed','Incomplete','Blocked'),green(),red(),yellow(),blue())


      I have also used if statements that would ALWAYS return false so I think I might have string syntax incorrect. But when trying to use the pick(match()) formula the entire chart is grey.




      ALSO NOTE: First post here so feel free to move or request edits to confirm to community formatting/rules.