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    Summarize data from multiple data islands in one sheet

    Bradley Wilson

      I would like to use Qlik Sense to take over some of our monthly reporting by automatically pulling and summarizing the data from our data sources.


      We have two primary sources: SAP and Salesforce.  While there are connections between the two, they wouldn't be appropriate for this purpose.  So I'm thinking the best data structure would be to have two islands, one pulling the needed data from each source.


      Is there a way to summarize data from both islands in one table/pivot table?  I plan on breaking it out into more detail in separate sheets, but having all of the relevant high-level data from each on one sheet and (ideally) being able to analyze the data from those two sources together within one viz is the goal.


      If this is not possible, what suggestions would you have for doing this?


      As an additional question, what is a good way to run reports from Qlik apps?