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    Dynamically Filter Specific Dimensions out of Bar Chart??



      Hi All, I am trying to set up a bar chart as above with one exception, if the bar "QQYY - Actual" is present, I don't want bar "QQYY - Forecast" to be in the chart.  In the chart, that means "Q117 - Actual"  and "Q217 - Forecast" (And higher) are in the chart.  When Q2 actual data comes in, I want the "Q117 - Actual"  and "Q217 - Actual" and "Q317 - Forecast" (and Higher).


      I have the following fields in the Chart:

      Dimension: [Qtr-Type] this is the field with "Q117 - Actual"

      Dimension: [Breakdown] this is the different colors within bars

      Measure: [Dollars]


      How can I do this??? Please and Thank you!!