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    How does the "LOAD from_field" work with xml format ?

    Samuel LEFRANC



      Could someone help me with the use of the "LOAD from_field" in my script ?


      You will find in attachment a very simple application and its datasource : a csv file which contains 3 rows, and for each row :

      - few basic data (rank, name)

      - a field "data_as_csv" which could be interpreted as a csv file

      - a field "data_as_xml" which contains exactly the same information, but in a xml format.


      I want to create a new table based on this "data_as_xxx", which will contain 3 rows, and for each row, 3 fields T1, T2, T3, using the "LOAD from_field" instruction


      I have no problem with the csv format :


      LOAD rank,




      FROM example_load_from_field.csv (txt, codepage is 1252, embedded labels, delimiter is ';', msq);



      LOAD @1 as T1,

           @2 as T2,

           @3 as T3

      From_Field (datasource,data_as_csv) (txt, no labels, delimiter is '|');


      But when I try the same with the xml format instead of the csv format (which is my goal) ...


      LOAD T1,



      From_Field (datasource,data_as_xml) (xmlSimple, Table is [notes]);


      ...I've got  a "General script error". What's wrong with my code ?


      I've seen that it works when the datasource contains only one row, but I don(t understand why it could works with csv format and not xml one ?


      Thanks for your help.