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    Widgets - How to reference qMeasure attributes for measures using qw-sys-info?

    Patrick Ryan



      This is the code for a Self-Documenting widget using qw-sys-info. 


      (This builds on example provides in widget library):


      <qw-sys-info content="dimensions,measures">


        <ul style="margin-left:20px;">

        <li ng-repeat="dimension in dimensions" ng-bind-template="{{dimension.qMeta.title}} : {{dimension.qMeta.description}} ">



        <ul style="margin-left:20px;">

        <li ng-repeat="measure in measures" ng-bind-template="Title:  {{measure.qMeta.title}}  Tags: {{measure.qMeta.tags}} Description:  {{measure.qMeta.description}} ID: {{measure.qInfo.qId}} PublishTime: {{measure.qMeta.publishTime}} Expression: {{measure.qMeasure.qDef}}">




      I am able to view data for all Measure attributes except for those on "qMeasure".   Is there a specific way to reference the qMeasure.qDef attribute for display in widgets?