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    Cannot get the currency values

      I am having a problem with the currencies and units.

      My currency table has SINGAPORE, MALAYSIA, INDONESIA and THAILAND. I added a Rate Table inside also. And a currency format table. When i click SINGAPORE, the rate table would auto click to 1 which is the singapore rate, and it would auto click the currency format for singapore under that respective table. In My Main Chart, i want the values under SUB, BP, OEM, PANEL and ENDUSER, to be valued with units such as SGD(for SINGAPORE), RM(for MALAYSIA,Rp(for INDONESIA) and -baht(for THAILAND). But i do not know how to add in the values. That is my problem.

      So the end result which i am looking for is, when i click SINGAPORE under the currency table, the values under SUB, BP, OEM, PANEL and ENDUSER would be changed to SGD $xxxx. and respectively, if i press MALAYSIA, the values must change to RM xxxx.

      Hope that there is a solution ?