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    Qlik Engine API access denied after 5 calls: 'Access to the app is denied: NoAvailableAccessType'

    Dylan Herman

      I am building a client to Qlik Sense (v3.1) server with python. My current testing scenario is simple: get a ticket from Qlik Proxy service, use that ticket to make a websocket connection to the Qlik Engine API, get a list of apps, and a get a list of sheets from a specified app.


      Interestingly, all of my calls are working appropriately: I can ultimately retrieve the list of sheets for an app. However, after successful 5 calls to the Qlik Engine API, I receive the following error:


      {u'jsonrpc': u'2.0',

      u'method': u'OnLicenseAccessDenied',

      u'params': {u'message': u'Access to the app is denied: NoAvailableAccessType',

                   u'severity': u'fatal',

                   u'timestamp': u'2017-01-30T22:49:50.5526553Z'}}


      If I wait a while (5~10 minutes), I can repeat the same process and get 5 successful calls. After that, the aforementioned error occurs. Please advise. If necessary, I can provide the actual python code.