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    Determining or accessing the Straight Table column Max expression?

    Richard Ouellette


      I am using a Qlikview Straight Table applying a calculated dimension filter below and then suppressing rows when value is null in the dimensions tab. (2nd image below))


      =if(if(SS='x'and PrePrioity ='ST' and i1_4>1 and (Location='ED' or Location='ED Hold' ) and Code<>'4066000' and Code<>'423656170' and Code<>'422533328' and Code<>'554865740' and Code<>'554878353' and not TstName LIKE 'U*',1,0)=1,Sequence


      I have calculated the Max values for columns Step 1 – Step 3 & Duration on the 1st row.  I now want to access the Max Value in Step 1 (Image below) to use in a new formula but am unable to determine the formula QlikView used to derive the value of 2 below. Can you help Me obtain the formula?


      Message was edited by: Richard Ouellette I cannot share the app but did attach a mock up Presidents.qvs with the max [Served From] field.


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