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    Get object list using .Net SDK

    Abrar Ansari

      Hi All,


      I am using .net sdk to integrate qlik in my application. I am showing the list of App in dropdown control. I need to show list of object with Title in particular app. For this purpose currently i am fetching list of sheet in app then list of object from sheet.


      Code sample :


                //Here i am fetching list of sheet in app


                  List<SheetObjectViewListContainer> sheetList= null;

                  var appIdentifier = location.AppWithId(appId, noVersionCheck: true);

                  using (IApp app = location.App(appIdentifier, noVersionCheck: true))


                      sheetList = app.GetSheetList().Items.ToList();



                //here i am fetching list of object from sheet by loop

                  foreach (SheetObjectViewListContainer sheet in sheetList)


                      foreach (var item in sheet.Data.Cells)


                          string objectID= item.Name;

                          string objectType= item.Type;





      Note: Problem is i am not able to show title of object


      So how can i get title of object.