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    Create New Fields Using For Next

    Bassam Frem

      I am trying to create a dynamic ageing table.

      The invoice table contains 13,000 rows

      When the below iteration is made, then invoice table load around 3,000,000 rows. I do not know what is happening

      I think there is something wrong in the left join- i wish to join the two table using the CollateralNumber



      //Derive dynamic ageing field for invoice by invoice

      Let [DD First Month] = MonthEnd($(varMinDate));

      For x = 1 to 5

        Let [Column_Field] = Ceil(Num(MonthEnd(AddMonths([DD First Month],$(x)))));

          Let [Column_Header] = Date([Column_Field],'M-YY');


        Load CollateralNumber,

              $(Column_Field)-[Invoice Issue Date] as  '$(Column_Header)'

        Resident Invoice;

          Left Join (Invoice) Load * Resident [temp_client_name];

          Drop Table [temp_client_name];