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    Load between dates

      Hi Guys

      This is probably and easy question, but I just cant figure it out ,

      I'm loading Excel Spreadsheets into QV, but I wish to only load dates less than today and greater than 6th March 2010.

      I have tried :











      [S:\Business Support\MASTER LOG\Master Logs (IN USE).xls]


      (biff, embedded labels, header is 1 lines, table is Drawdown$)




      Date<Date(Today()) and Date>Date(06/03/2010)



      But this is just bringing in all data before Today ( without the 6/3/10 restriction).

      I have the dates formated as :








      Date(Date) as Date

      Month(Date(Date)) as Month



      (Date(Date)) as Week

      Year(Date(Date)) as Year

      Can anyone please help ? Thanks