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    Rename Fields not working properly with mapping load

    Simona Galková

      I am currently facing an issue with using Rename fields using mapping load in qlik sense. The code goes as follows, it is pretty clear:


      Mapping LOAD

      FROM [lib://abc.xlsx] (ooxml, embedded labels, table is Fields);

      Rename fields using Map_Fields;


      The issue is that the code is not working properly for some changes, for example when changing field name "Value" to "#Value", so adding special character #. Has any of you experienced this behavior (maybe you can list some other cases?) and eventually knows how to solve it?


      The trouble also arises when using qualify - is there any way how to handle this smoothly and not completely manually? For example I have a field Customer, which then changes to Table1.Customer and suddenly my visualizations are ruined.



      Thank you in advance for your help!