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    count(expression) doesn't work



      I've got an expression :

      =if(min({1} total <PAT_Ipp> MOD_Date_debut)>=date_nvx_pat,PAT_Ipp)

      'PAT_ipp' is a field,'MOD_Date_debut' is a field, 'date_nvx_pat' is a variable ('date_nvx_pat'=min(total{$} calendrier_date))

      This expression works fine, i manage to see the field 'PAT_Ipp'.


      But when I want to count this field PAT_Ipp:

      =count(distinct if(min({1} total <PAT_Ipp> MOD_Date_debut)>=date_nvx_pat,PAT_Ipp) )

      It doesn't work and the expression editor tells me 'error in expression'. Can you tell me why ??? Because I have similar expressions (but with no variable) which works fine.