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    Background filter

    John Schmidt



      i was wondering if it is possible in Qlik Sense to set a filter for selected charts which cannot be changed by the viewer.

      My problem is, that i have certain KPIs on my sheet which are supposed to show a value for certain dimensions only.


      Would be glad for some advice.



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          Michael Solomovich

          I think you need set analysis.  If your chart expression is


          and you want only Country='Sweden' and Product='Qlik', it will be

          sum({<Counrty={'Sweden'},Product={'Qlik'}>} Amount)


          Read more in "help"

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              John Schmidt



              thanks a lot, this is working so far.


              However i have a more complicated issue with filtering an aggregation in my chart.

              I have the following example - data model is designed as a star schema:



              - Role

              - User

              - Categorie



              - Number of tickets


              My goal is to show a bar chart with the user names on the x-axis and the number of tickets on the y-axis.

              However, per user i only want to show the number of tickets where the user has the role 'Role X'.


              If i do a set analasys like this for a certain user it shows me the right results for that user:

              [ROLE]={'Tester'}, [USER]={'JOHN DOE'},


              But i want to show all users - only who have the role 'Tester'.

              If i remove the user-filter the numbers are not right.


              Any idea how i would write the analisys?