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    Error from Engine (showDialog) - Cannot read property 'then' of undefined.

    Andrew Byrd

      There is a potential bug with Qlik Engine error handling.


      The issue is when an error occurs in the Qlik engine such as "Error code: 5 (Access Denied), it is followed by an exception from within require.js.  Instead of showing an error dialog, this leaves our iframe blank.


      We can code around this on non-single object apps by binding a function to the qlikApp.model.session.Error, and handling the error on our own, but when loading a single app in an iframe we are unable to because of cross-domain.


      I've attached a screenshot of the errors from console.


      Console log displays the EXPECTED error due to Section Access, but it appears to error when trying to display the error dialog (showDialog):


      Error from Engine: Object error: Object code: 5 message: "Access denied"parameter: ""__proto__: Object__defineGetter__: __defineGetter__()__defineSetter__: __defineSetter__()__lookupGetter__: __lookupGetter__()__lookupSetter__: __lookupSetter__()constructor: Object()hasOwnProperty: hasOwnProperty()isPrototypeOf: isPrototypeOf()propertyIsEnumerable: propertyIsEnumerable()toLocaleString: toLocaleString()toString: toString()valueOf: valueOf()get __proto__: __proto__()set __proto__: __proto__()id: 1 jsonrpc: "2.0"__proto__: Object



      TypeError: Cannot read property 'then' of undefined

          at Object.get (single.js??1481126454213:formatted:14813)

          at Object.j [as showDialog] (single.js??1481126454213:formatted:14847)

          at single.js??1481126454213:formatted:17685

          at g (require.js?1481126454213:formatted:9452)

          at require.js?1481126454213:formatted:9462

          at o.$eval (require.js?1481126454213:formatted:9947)

          at o.$digest (require.js?1481126454213:formatted:9875)

          at require.js?1481126454213:formatted:9951

          at f (require.js?1481126454213:formatted:6810)

          at require.js?1481126454213:formatted:6922