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    How can I use if statements in my Load when I've renamed fields?

    Elise Reiter



      I am trying to use the following if statements in my Load function and am getting the error "Field 'EManufSerialNo' not found". I need to rename my fields since they are the same as fields I have in another table so I have put "E" in front of all the ones that I need to distinguish from the fields in my other table. How can I use this if statement on this data?



          "User status" as EUserStatus,

          "System status" as ESystemStatus,

          Description as EDescription,

          "Plant section",

          "Functional Loc." as EFunctionalLoc.,

          "Model number",

          Manufacturer as EManufacturer,

          "Valid From",

          ManufSerialNo. as EManufSerialNo,


          "TS created on",

          "Start-up date",

          "Main WorkCtr",

          if(EManufSerialNo='',1,0)as BlankEManufSerialNo

      FROM [lib://1C Metrics/Equipment Critical Data Fields.xlsx]

      (ooxml, embedded labels, table is Sheet1);