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    Expression changes



      I am facing an issue in frond end.there is a pivot table with below Dimension and Expressions



      =Pick(Dim, Timeperiod,'Forecast', 'Actual - Planned', 'Forecast - Planned')



      =Pick(Dim, Sum(Value),

           top(Sum(Value), RangeMax(ColumnNo()-1,1)),

           Sum({<Timeperiod = {'Actual'}>}Value)-(Sum({<Timeperiod = {'Planned'}>}Value

            (Top(Sum(Value), RangeMax(ColumnNo()-1, 1)))-(Sum({<Timeperiod = {'Planned'}>}Value)


        I am getting correct result but problem is representation of Object. There is no fields as dimension like 'Forecast','Actual - Planned', 'Forecast - Planned' using pick function.


      But i dont want single expression  there any other option instead of pick function


      i need below Individual Expression in chart as per requirement:


      Forecast :                top(Sum(Value), RangeMax(ColumnNo()-1,1)),

      Actual-Planned:        Sum({<Timeperiod = {'Actual'}>}Value)-(Sum({<Timeperiod = {'Planned'}>}Value

      Forecast-Planned:     (Top(Sum(Value), RangeMax(ColumnNo()-1, 1)))-(Sum({<Timeperiod = {'Planned'}>}Value)

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          Vineeth Pujari

          Dimension use valuelist

          Valuelist ('Timeperiod','Forecast', 'Actual - Planned', 'Forecast - Planned')



          If (Valuelist ('Timeperiod','Forecast', 'Actual - Planned', 'Forecast - Planned') ='Timeperiod'


          If (Valuelist ('Timeperiod','Forecast', 'Actual - Planned', 'Forecast - Planned') ='forecast',

          Expression for forecast,

          ...and so on