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    Addition & Subtraction on Qlik Frontend table

    Samuel Lin

      Hi all,


      I have a table:


      MODIFIED_MONTHcount({<EMAIL_PERMISSION_STATUS_={'I'} >} distinct RIID_)count({<EMAIL_PERMISSION_STATUS_={'O'} >} distinct RIID_)
      Nov 20121680
      Dec 201267,1082,524
      Jan 20133,9982,184
      Feb 20132,2471,999
      Mar 20132,0831,731
      Apr 20132,1641,918
      May 20131,9441,430
      Jun 20132,6791,778
      Jul 20132,4421,288
      Aug 20131,9211,717
      Sep 20132,0222,209
      Oct 20132,0481,881
      Nov 20132,0901,764
      Dec 20131,8661,555



      the second column is the count of "opt-ins" and the third column is the number of "opt-outs"

      I would like to add one additional column to calculate the "Total Optins" overtime, which would be "Previous Optins + Current Optins - Current Optouts". Can that be possibly done in the front end? or any idea for the backend?