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    Using the Rank function from a list box


      Hi All,

      I am trying to use the rank function to get a specific value from a list box. Below is the current formula I am using:


      Rank(sum(Return * StockQty))=round(count(distinct Date)*ConfidenceLevel)

      where Return, StockQty and Date are all data lists, and ConfidenceLevel is an input value from a slider. This formula should come back with a value of 0 for where the two are not equal, and -1 for where they are. The RHS of the equation is simply calculating the nth value of the list to match. I am unfortunately unable to get the correct value this way. I can, however, get it if I just plug in a value as such:


      Rank(sum(Return * StockQty))=15

      Could someone help me figure out how to use a formula correctly in the RHS of the Rank function?