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    Opening Balances > Date Set Analysis

    Shazad Nazir

      Hi Experts,


      From data mentioned below, how can i get the opening balances (Based on column DocDate) for start of every month, for OBQtyOpening.

      Perhaps I need a temporary table of dates for opening balance for which the script will get Lesser Than value comparing with column DocDate again, (just loud thinking)

      e.g. getting value of column OBQtyOpening comparing with DocDate < 11/01/16 Opening Balance of:

      1. DocDate < 11/01/16
      2. DocDate < 12/01/16
      3. DocDate < 01/01/17


      * OR YTD option may also help in this scenario i.e. e.g. a Date is selected 12/01/16. how can i get the value of OBQtyOpening lesser than selected date.





      Help Required Please!