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    Limitation QS 3.1.2

    marco hadiyanto

      Hi All,


      Based on  Qlik Sense 3.1 Service Release 2 now available still have limitation.


      Exporting a chart as an image, using a DPI setting different from the default, may result in an


      If you change the orientation of a Gauge chart from Custom > horizontal to Auto, and then export


      If using the on screen touch keyboard within the Add Data Wizard in docked mode on a Windows


      Workaround: Use the keyboard in standard mode (not docked).


      It might not be possible to scroll to the beginning or to the end in the Expression editor when


      If running Qlik Sense on a Nexus 5 phone using Google Chrome version 41, input fields will not


      On iPhone, it is not possible to use the toolbar in landscape because the iOS user interface


      Generation of the test script by pressing Ctrl+00 does not work in Qlik Sense Desktop


      Workaround: Launch Qlik Sense Desktop in Internet Explorer.


      Maps may take a long time to display if the association between the first dimension and the


      geographical field results in a large number of items.


      Internet Explorer supports a maximum of six web socket connections.


      Workaround: See https://msdn.microsoft.com/library/ee330736(v=vs.85).aspx


      If you convert an existing visualization to another type of visualization, the thumbnail in the App


      It is not possible to upload more than one image file at a time from a device running IOS 8.


      You need to enter username and password to download an Export image/pdf on Windows phone


      If dimension limits (others) is set in a straight table or pivot table, the subtotals and totals are


      is that already solved QS 3.1.4?