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    Source Control/Version Control

    Sunny Talwar

      Hey guys -


      I hope someone can help me out here. I have been struggling to implement the Source Control for the QlikView dashboards but not entirely sure what would be the best way to do it. Let me first lay out a scenario for you and then it might make sense to explain the issue


      Day 1: I created an app with 1 text box object (TX01)

      Commit changes -> Revision 1 -> PRJ Includes TX01


      Day 2: I created another object, let's say straight table (CH01)

      Commit changes -> Revision 2 -> PRJ includes TX01 and CH01


      Day3: Removed TX01 and replaced it with a new text box object TX02

      Commit changes -> Revision 3 -> PRJ includes TX02 and CH01


      Day4: Made changes to CH01

      Commit changes -> Revision 4 -> PRJ includes TX02 and CH01 (updated)

      Day5: Found out that the changes I made were not right and I need to roll back to Revision 4. Now the concern here is that when I roll back to Revision 3 will I see 2 (TX02, CH01) or 3 (TX01, TX02, CH01) objects?

      The issue I see is that although the current revision doesn't have TX01, but the object TX01 was never deleted from the repository. Is Source Control smart enough to know that I am rolling back to Rivision 3 which did not have TX01 in it?

      This might not be a question for Qlik Community, but I am not sure where else to go with this.