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    Single Integration API - Passing a search expression for selection

    Lee Curtis



      In my web application I am using iFrames with calls to the single integration API, passing values to select one or more fields, e.g.:


      This selects a single field value in a filter pane in the sheet. All well and good. However, you can select a range of values in a filter pane by entering a search expression, such as:



      My first question is, how can you pass this via the single integration API, for example:


      The above URL doesn't work and I've tried many variations with no success.

      My second question is, if it is possible then could it be extended to pass a timestamp range, such as:

      =TaskStartTTimestamp>Timestamp#('31-01-2017 17:55:00','DD-MM-YYYY hh:mm:ss')


      My third question is, are there any plans to pass variable values via the API instead of field values? This would solve the problem at a stroke, as the variables could be used in the sheet objects to alter the selected data.


      Thanks for any advice or shared experiences.