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    Logesh Jayaraman

      What's the difference between dimension vs Measure sorting? How it works. Do we have any examples or documents specific to it.

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          Rahul Pawar

          Hello Logesh,


          Hope you are doing well!


          To apply the sorting in Qlik Sense chart, drag the dimensions and measures to set the sorting priority order. The numbers show the order.

          Each of the dimensions and measures can also use custom sort feature. Click the dimension or measure name to open the settings and click the sorting button to switch to Custom sorting. The sorting is either Ascending or Descending.


          You can sort the dimensions and measures in three different ways - sort by expression value, sort numerically & sort alphabetically.


          Please correct me if I misinterpreted.




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              Logesh Jayaraman

              Thanks for your response.But I do aware of the above steps  But the question was completely different. What will happen if you do the sorting on the measure column alone without sorting defined in the dimension. Does it sort the entire table or how does it works?

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                  Bill Markham

                  It sorts the rows as per your defined sort order.  This may be what you mean by 'sort the entire table'.

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                    Ruben Marin

                    Hi Logesh, the default sort is 'load sort' (how they where loaded in script), if you want to keep the measure sort when sorting by dimension, you should add sort by expression in your dimension.


                    To avoid in measures you can try using Dual(currentExpression, sortExpression) to simulate the sorting by another column, but it will be exported as a text... I didn't tested so much.