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    Simple KPI not working in Mashup

    Akshay Ajgaonkar



      I am trying to use the Simple KPI extension where I am combining a KPI and a line chart into a card like layout. I am doing this in 4 QS apps that I have built. Now I want to show all these 4 cards with KPI and line charts in a mashup page. The first card works fine when I drag that onto the mashup, it's only when I import another one of these cards from a different app, I get an error which says, No Object with ID ‘objectID’ found.


      The object ID here is the same as the ID that is found in the Line chart that I am embedding in the simple KPI extension. SO my questions here are:


      1. Is there a compatibility issue between Simple KPI extension and Mashup in Qlik Sense?

      2. Is there any other way for me to combine a KPI and a line chart and show it as a card? Or in a broader sense, can I combine 2 or more graphs/charts and make it look like 1 in Sense?


      P.S. - I am using Sense Server 3.1 (so that's the latest as far as I know).


      Any help would be appreciated.


      Thank you,